Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soap Gift Sets - New!!! is now happy to offer these great soap gift sets. There's a lot of good stuff in there: natural soap accessories along with our organic and natural soaps. It’s a real celebration of scents and beauty.
Show someone that you care about him/her and indulge them with these one of these gift sets, or just spoil yourself.... you deserve it :-)
Comes in four kinds of sets: organic and natural soaps with facial and massage brushes, facial and body buffs, loofah for the body. They are set in a tin and wrapped with a cotton fabric ribbon. The other gift set is three organic soap bars, tied in an organza ribbon, in variety of scents to choose. Next, you can get three natural soap bars tied with an organza ribbon. These are offered in a variety of scents as well.
Lastly, natural soap on a wooden soap dish, tied with raffia, you can chose any soap you like. These are quality great gifts for the holidays or any occasion, without the price tag.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our new aquatic creatures soaps

This is an example of embedding little aquatic creatures in soaps. This seal is swimming in a clear, turquoise glycerin soap base. The video about how to make it is coming up soon. It is a great gift idea for the holidays and kids love it!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Cold Process Soap

Cold process technique is used to make soap through creating a chemical reaction between sodium hydroxide (lye) and fats (olive oil, sunflower oil and many more). This reaction known as "Saponification" was inadvertently achieved first by the ancient Romans when rain mixed the animal fat residue (tallow from cattle used in ritual sacrifices) with the burned wood on clay. Women living on the banks of the Tiber River flowing down to mount Sapo discovered that the clothes they washed were much cleaner in this area, hence the birth of natural soap.

With the soap industry producing highly processed and unnatural soaps, we found that by making your own natural soap you take control of your skin's health and rid it of harsh chemicals and toxins that hurt your body and the environment. In adding essential oils to fragrant the soap along with natural herbs as colorants or for their therapeutic properties, the result is natural, gorgeous soaps that cannot be found on the shelves of any store.

Making soap is really easy and fun, but keep in mind that safety is key in making soap successfully. When using lye always use rubber gloves and eye protection, and keep your distance from it to avoid breathing in dangerous fumes.

We offer you kits that are pre-measured and contain all of the ingredients you need to make natural soap or you can also find soap making supplies here if you're following your own recipes. To that end, always follow the recipe and don’t change quantities on your own. More instructions for making cold process soap can be found in our articles section - "Making cold process soap".
To view our kits go to:

Monday, August 17, 2009

Go Organic!

We'd like to share our excitement with you as we are now offering our wonderful organic soaps. Those soaps are made from organic vegetable oils: coconut, palm, safflower and sunflower oils, scented with pure essential oils from plant extracts, and colored with organic herbs. These lathery, perfect texture and hardness bars are certified organic at the Montana Department of Agriculture.

Now that you know that organic soap is a only a mouse click away, won't you be excited to turn a daily activity (getting cleaned...) into a celebration! The heavenly fragrances of our bars: lemongrass, lilac, rosemary patchouli and more with the right combination of latherness and hardness of turn a 'must shower' task into a relaxing and inspiring experience when you know that you're taking care of yourself while using the right product for your skin which is left vibrant and renewed.

Our sense-opening and spirit-lifting bars which include: Calendula petals, organic oats and organic cloves, grapefruit oil, powdered organic orange peel, oils of fir and spruce and juniper berries, are only part of the ingredients we use in our soaps bars.

We're sure that you'll enjoy these soaps as much as we do. With this nature celebration the result is addicting. You'll never settle for less again.

To check out those quality soaps go to:

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saving money by making your own soap

With the recent economic slump and when every dime counts, we often ask ourselves twice about what is necessary to spend on and how can we minimize our expenses. We all have expenses that are a must, but since we're humans, we must also have something to enrich our souls.

Recently I've been thinking about my recreation options as a mother to an eight-year-old girl who finds herself in the house a lot (cold winter, less travel). When you go to a movie, mall or restaurant you always spend money on immediate things that you forget about an hour later, and yet, you still pay for them.

On one cold winter day last week we invited my daughter's girlfriend to make soap with us. She came with her mother and her older brother. We spent several good hours on making lotions, lip balms and soaps. We labeled our personal containers and decorated them and I can't tell you how much fun we all had. The girl's older brother came equipped with a video game and other “boyish” things to do while we do our “girly” activity. As it turned out, he did not even touch his things! Before he knew it, he dove in and timelessly found himself making all kind of soaps, in any colors and shapes that he chose. We ended up with tons of necessary soap products that we need in our daily life. We felt fulfilled, joyful and relaxed, knowing that we had fun together while having created a nice supply of quality products that we'll enjoy in the future.

Sincerely, Iris -